Prevent never events using TheatreMan

The NHS has been criticised this morning as it emerges that more than 1,000 NHS patients in England in the past four years have suffered from never events.

In fact, between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015, 124 operations were performed on the wrong site or the wrong operation was performed altogether.

TheatreMan can help Trusts prevent this kind of mistake from ever happening, as the patient’s planned procedure is always on screen throughout the patient’s episode. From the moment the patient comes into Theatre, staff members have full visibility of the patient’s procedure including the site and laterality of the planned operation. In addition, Trusts can print operating lists at the click of a button on the morning of surgery, which clearly display the patient’s planned procedure and site of operation.

Trisoft Attend IDSc Conference

After a few years away, Trisoft have had a successful return to the IDSC conference this year.  With a well-regarded history in providing management software for sterile service departments, IDSC was a great opportunity to re-connect with old customers, and to provide the latest news to existing partners.  The forefront of discussion was the latest developments with SSDMan Web, the browser-based system that allows SSD Managers to administrate their department – wherever they are.  

Trisoft Health to reveal latest developments at IDSC 2014

Trisoft Health will be back at IDSC 2014, demonstrating the latest developments of the highly regarded SSDMan Sterile Service Management software.  

Managing a sterile services department today, you need more than a tried and trusted software solution to track and trace the equipment and instruments being processed. You need access to real-time management information for real-time decision making, whether you are in the department, on a trust site or at another hospital location.  SSDMan has been trusted for over 25 years and now – with the latest version – it has evolved to deliver the most user-friendly and accessible solution yet.  

TheatreMan Implemented on iPads at The Christie Hospital

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust are leading experts in cancer research, treatments and education, with a reputation spanning over 100 years and the largest cancer centre in Europe. They already knew of our TheatreMan system, and had it in mind when the time came for the Trust to review their current software; Medway Theatres by System C.

The appraisal process of systems available in the healthcare market was indeed a rigorous one, and, after carefully considering its options and reviewing other systems offerings; the Trust's dedicated project team felt that Trisoft's TheatreMan software would best meet the requirements of their theatre department.

Budget cuts affect the NHS England

According to senior health officials; the NHS England are looking at a funding gap in the next financial year of an astonishing £2bn. 

The full budget allowance for the next financial year was originally £100bn.

The news comes as part of the government’s plan to shrink the UK’s financial deficit, and perhaps the budget freeze has come as no surprise to many healthcare industry workers.  Previously the NHS’s budget has always been protected from cuts, whilst other sectors suffered – and we predicted this would affect even the public healthcare sector eventually with the government desperate to claw money back into the economy.

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