Britain voted best healthcare provider

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On 17th June Britain were voted the very best country for providing healthcare.

A report conducted by the Commonwealth Fund analysed countries including New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany and the US.

The UK scored highly for its quality of care, low cost and efficiency at the point of service and the US came last.  The report is titled ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ and has been running the same report since 2004, and the US, who have the most expensive healthcare system in the world - came last 4 times since Mirror Mirror first started these annual studies.


According to the study; the most notable difference for the US versus other countries analysed is the lack of universal health insurance coverage, which 5 other countries have in place.

The study shows that the UK is particularly excelling in the management of chronic illness.  This is largely down to the widespread and effective use of health information technology (HIT) that the UK healthcare industry have adopted, and HIT has also helped improve performance on system aspects of preventative care delivery.  

We already know the massive growth in technology in recent years has seen businesses succeed in ways they never thought possible, as capturing data and analysing KPI's in more granular detail has allowed business leaders to identify  their successes and failures before they have occurred - and the healthcare sector is no exception to this.  

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