Budget cuts affect the NHS England

According to senior health officials; the NHS England are looking at a funding gap in the next financial year of an astonishing £2bn. 

The full budget allowance for the next financial year was originally £100bn.

The news comes as part of the government’s plan to shrink the UK’s financial deficit, and perhaps the budget freeze has come as no surprise to many healthcare industry workers.  Previously the NHS’s budget has always been protected from cuts, whilst other sectors suffered – and we predicted this would affect even the public healthcare sector eventually with the government desperate to claw money back into the economy.

 Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, is apparently in talks with civil servants as to whether new money is indeed required to resolve the issue at hand, though the Department of Health stated it was “confident” it would “make the savings necessary to meet rising demand.”

There is certainly a challenge ahead for the NHS England to effectively scale back on their costs, whilst still running Trusts as efficiently as possible, but if healthcare decision makers are smart, they will review and re-invest in the latest healthcare Information technology, which will inevitably cut down on the number of processes within a hospital.

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