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The NHS has been criticised this morning as it emerges that more than 1,000 NHS patients in England in the past four years have suffered from never events.

In fact, between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015, 124 operations were performed on the wrong site or the wrong operation was performed altogether.

TheatreMan can help Trusts prevent this kind of mistake from ever happening, as the patient’s planned procedure is always on screen throughout the patient’s episode. From the moment the patient comes into Theatre, staff members have full visibility of the patient’s procedure including the site and laterality of the planned operation. In addition, Trusts can print operating lists at the click of a button on the morning of surgery, which clearly display the patient’s planned procedure and site of operation.

As well as incorrect operations being performed, in the same period 102 patients were left with foreign objects inside them post-surgery.

With TheatreMan’s comprehensive Operations Counts facility, staff can ensure that all swabs, needles, sponges and other items are accounted for both pre and post op. TheatreMan not only allows the users to keep a digital record of operation counts, but will force users to enter a reason where there is a discrepancy, as well as requiring user details to sign off the operation count, allowing full auditability and accountability.

Finally, last year’s never event report shows that 40 patients across the country were given the wrong implant or prosthesis.

TheatreMan allows the recording of all implants and prosthesis used on a patient allowing full traceability. By simply scanning the barcode on the implant before it is inserted, TheatreMan will record information such as serial number, batch number, expiry date and other key information against the operation record for the patient. Users can easily query this information and generate one-touch reports to see exactly what implant a patient was given and which members of staff were involved in the procedure.

TheatreMan not only helps to prevent such incidents, but where they have been unavoidable, all data entered into TheatreMan is fully auditable, allowing administrators and managers to view exactly who has signed off procedures, operation counts and allows full accountability.

Learn more about how TheatreMan can help improve Theatre processes by reading one of our case studies.

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